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I work within the figurative realm of tapestry weaving, using the slow pace and repetitive work as I am manifesting the change of my own narrative. I try to visualize and materialize a change in the way we look at gender, sexuality, inequality and equality, understanding but not tolerating how our stories are narrowed down on big corporate social media, with their own black and white view on what is good and what is bad. This story they’re telling, leaves us without the freedom of making our own decisions. Censorship leaves us within a set discourse, and as long as we tolerate this we will continue to live within their narrative. 

I work from my own home, making tapestries with symbolism and familiar settings, commenting on the late capitalist totalitarian structure we continue to tolerate and accept as a society. I am using a slow medium in contrast to the current pace of society. My motives focus on my body as I try to reclaim it, my boyfriend as a tool to normalize a feminine view on a cis man, and my cat Suki. She has the luxury of being on the outside of this late stage capitalism, with the paradox of cats as one of the most treasured commodities of the information age.

Artist Statement : Bio
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